Q: If I do not have my prescription, how can I get glasses from Mobile Vision Care?

A: If you need a new prescription and you’ve had an eye exam—it’s simple! Call your doctor and ask for a copy of your prescription. Or, with your permission, Mobile Vision Care can request a copy from your doctor for you. We can also duplicate a current prescription from your existing eyewear.


Q: Can Mobile Vision Care repair or adjust my current glasses?

A: Yes, Mobile Vision Care can make all necessary eyeglass repairs or adjustments.


Q: If I schedule a consultation, am I obligated to purchase eyewear?

A: No. The choice is yours, and our goal is customer satisfaction.


Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: For now, Mobile Vision Care accepts only UPMC insurance.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Mobile Vision Care accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and checks.


Q: Is there a fee to have Mobile Eyewear Services come to your residence?

A: There is a one time basic time & travel involved with in-home services, the basic charge is $55 and that can be credited to the purchase of new eyewear. In some cases the fee can be waived and insurance claims do not qualify for the $55 credit on Eyewear. Please call for more details.


Q: How can Mobile Vision Care services save you money?

A: By Bringing our services to you, Mobile Vision Care eliminates your need to arrange travel to multiple office visits. We value your time, and the time your friends and family spend providing transportation to and from an optical stores. 


Q: When is payment due for services?

A: Payment is due at the time of our visit and before your eyewear can be ordered unless special arrangements are made in advance.


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